How does the process work?

If you think that you might need some professional advice about planning
any aspect of your wedding, the first step is to contact us. From there,
we'll set up a complimentary initial consultation where we spend an hour
or so finding out what your vision of your wedding is, and how we can
help. Then we'll give you a quote, usually right on the spot. From there,
it's your decision on whether you'd like us to be involved in planning
your wedding.

Some clients ask us to be involved in very specific aspects of planning:
finding a venue, locating a photographer, setting up a name
it! In that case, we charge an hourly rate to provide the information and
assistance you are looking for. Contact us at
for more information on pricing.

Who should hire a wedding consultant?

Will I lose control of my wedding?

When should I hire a consultant?

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