Over the years, we've learned a lot about weddings, and have many tips and tricks
for planning a perfect day. Read on to discover some interesting wedding facts
and some ideas you might use in planning your wedding.

• If you are on a budget, consider a slightly different format for your wedding. Stand-up
cocktail receptions or brunches can be less expensive alternatives to the traditional
dinner-and-dance format.

• Flowers at weddings are a symbol of love, life, and fertility and are a tradition as old as
weddings themselves; even brides in ancient Greece wore a crown of flowers.

• If you are planning your wedding on short notice, your watchword should be
"flexibility". Think about holding your wedding on a Friday or Sunday; venues
and suppliers are more likely to be available, especially during the busy summer

• Wonder why the bride always walks down the aisle on the groom's left arm? In
days of yore, the woman walked on the man's left arm so that his right arm was
free to handle his sword in defense of his lady-love.

• Throughout the ages, wedding bands have been fashioned from grass,
leather, stone and finally silver and gold. They were placed on the third
finger of the left hand because ancients believed that the vein there
lead straight to the heart.

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