• "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."
Something old refers to wearing something that represents a link with the bride's
family and her old life. Wearing something new represents good fortune and success
in the bride's new life. Wearing something borrowed is meant to bring good luck
to the marriage. Wearing something blue dates back to biblical times when the
colour blue was considered representative of purity and fidelity.

• The expression 'tie the knot' comes from Roman times when the bride wore
a girdle that was tied in knots, which the groom had the fun of untying.

• When purchasing liquor from a supplier other than your hotel, ensure that
they will accept returns of unopened bottles.

• English tradition dictates that the bride must cut the cake, or she will
never have children! The custom of the bride and groom cutting the
wedding cake together is said to have originated in France, where the
French bakers' rock-hard royal icing made it necessary to use the
strength of two arms to slice through the cake!

• Consider having your photos taken prior to the ceremony.
You'll be at your freshest, and won't have to leave your guests
for the rest of the day!

• Spare your guests and bridal party a long wait in a receiving line
by including only yourselves and your parents.

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